Cyber threats are continually evolving with attacks becoming more frequent, sophisticated and targeted. Over 50% of UK businesses reported an attack or breach in the past year. Therefore, it’s critical that organisations take cyber security seriously and invest in advanced measures that extend well beyond traditional perimeter defences (firewalls and anti-virus).

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This is the most terrifying video any business owner can see

A certified ethical hacker broke into a computer, and filmed both sides of the hack – what he was doing, and what was happening on the victim’s machine. This is rarely captured on film

These videos scared us… because we see the consequences of these attacks every day

Online Security

The ever-increasing volume of Internet and E-mail activity within organisations means ensuring that all areas are secure, should be a top priority; however, security issues are often overlooked when assessing priorities within the company. With the potential loss of productivity and information at risk by a virus strike or a hacker attack, time taken to consider a pre-emptive strategy to protect your valuable data and computer systems can prove to be very cost effective overall.
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    How can we help?

    We can help you to mitigate any risks.
    Areas that often require attention include:

  • Firewall Configuration
  • Email Security
  • Virus Protection
  • Password Policies
  • Remote Access
  • Network Access Points
There are several simple ways to protect your business, including a blend of software and training. We can advise on the best options for your business. Give us a call today!