Recycle & Help Moray Reach Out

Moray Reach Out Recycling better known as Waste Watchers is a self-sustaining social enterprise with their own recycling center in Buckie, their mission? To provide vulnerable adults with training and work experience, thus providing the local community with a better understanding of the needs of vulnerable adults and delivering top services and products.

 It was started by a small group of parents and carers in Buckie in 1996 offering outings and trips away for the adults with learning disabilities providing respite for the parents and carers.

One area of their local empire is recycling, APS has long recycled cans, wanting to support these local legends we decided to join forces and do our own community out-reach to our clients and friends.

At a time when sustainability is so front of mind, the drink can remains the most recycled packaging in the world however the average person in the UK throws away around 400kg of waste each year; 7 times their body weight.

Recycling a single aluminium can will save enough energy to power a TV for up to three hours or an iPod for up to twenty hours. Interestingly 90% of people said they would recycle if it was made easier, we are here to make it easier.

Joining this cause is as simple as letting us know us to know what you’ll be recycling and handing the items to our engineers when we’re onsite. Waste Watchers process and bale the cans which are used to sell products which supports their work placements.  At the moment they are producing frisbees which double as dog water bowl or as a trinket dish or flower pot holder.

Let’s rally as a community to support this very worthwhile cause, not all heroes wear capes after all.

Please email Claire at to express your interest in joining this initiative. To see all the amazing things Moray Reach Out do have a nose at their social media @MorayReachOut

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