Time & Attendance Systems

What our Time & Attendance systems can provide for you:

  • Accurate ‘to the minute’ times when an employee arrives and leaves on any day.
    Eliminates transcription errors.
  • Work breaks can be either by clocked at the terminal, removed automatically, or no action taken.
  • An almost unlimited number of work patterns and daily rules.
  • Built in Flexitime system.
  • Supports Rostering which allows employees to be allocated to individual daily rules weeks in advance.
  • All types of daily or period work plans.
  • Many inbuilt reports including employee attendance, time keeping, and holidays.
  • Can link to your Fire Alarm system, from local and remote sites giving accurate information on currently onsite employees.
  • Simple and effective management of obligations to the European Working Time Directive.
  • Keeps a history of employee attendance and time-keeping.
  • Export to many payroll systems or a selection of “flat file” formats.