Computer security for businesses

“It’s fair to say the main security risk these days is posed by the Internet itself. Designed in the 1960’s to be a physically robust but insecure communication medium between parties who knew and trusted one another, the Internet has gradually become a general purpose highway for data exchange in which all comers take their chances…”

A P Systems can advise clients of any security vulnerabilities, threats and risks that may exist in the IT environment.

A P Systems can then provide solutions in order to address these issues.

Areas that often require attention include:

  • Firewall Configuration
  • Secure E-mail
  •  Virus Protection
  •  Password Policies
  •  Secure Remote Access
  •  Network Access Points

Online security

The ever-increasing amount of Internet and E-mail activity within organisations is ensuring that security should be a top priority for modern businesses; however, Security issues are often overlooked when assessing priorities within the company. With the potential loss of productivity and information at risk by a virus strike or a hacker attack, time taken to consider a pre-emptive strategy to protect your valuable data and computer systems can prove to be very cost effective.