Cloud Services

A P Systems are experienced in providing solutions for cloud computing for small to medium-sized businesses. We can get you set up with cloud emails, cloud backup, cloud storage, cloud desktop and hybrid cloud. A cloud solution is perfect for new business start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses.

What makes us tick

Doing business is now a global activity. The ability to work wherever and whenever you like is vital to successful growth. We thrive on getting businesspeople out of the office and away from a reliance on hard-wired technology, enabling you to work in a way that fits around your lifestyle without compromising the quality of your output. Our cloud solutions mean that your work is always accessible, safely and securely backed up at prices that represent superb value for money.

“Work wherever and whenever you like”

Cloud Emails

Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular, and with better and faster internet connections coming, companies are switching to the Cloud and this includes a hosted Exchange for email.

Cloud emails are compatible cross-platform, so if you have Windows and Macs in your office, one solution will work for both and it will allow your workforce to access their emails from anywhere.

Cloud Backup

Ensuring that your company data, files, folders and emails are backed up is essential, and the safest option for this is to choose cloud backup. Having an on-site solution is good, but if anything happens to the hardware that is associated with the backup, then all of the data could be lost.

A P Systems can provide an automated cloud backup solution for your business, where data will be stored at a data centre and mirrored at another data centre, ensuring that if anything does go wrong that your important information will be recoverable and we can get you back operational with a minimum of downtime.

Cloud Storage

Although having your own Server is great, it can eventually run out of space and you must also factor in the possibility of hardware failure which means that you might be without it and your data could be lost if there isn’t a cloud backup solution in place. Replacing a Server isn’t always cheap. By having your data stored in the cloud, it means that you can access it from anywhere and the data is in safe hands as there are several fail-safes in place to ensure that any failure in the cloud won’t mean that your data is lost.

Cloud Desktop

When your office is a mixture of PCs and Macs, and people are out and about working from laptops and tablets, it can be difficult to ensure that everyone is on the same page – this is where we can get you set up with a cloud desktop solution. Microsoft Office 365 is a package where you can have one user access the web apps from up to 5 devices, and there won’t be any compatibility issues. All you need is an internet connection and away you go. Combined with cloud email, this is perfect for working on the move. If public transport lets you down as it very often can, you can get working on the train before you even get to work so that there is no time wasted. Check and amend the Excel spread sheet a colleague has sent you, or work on the Power Point presentation that you need to have prepared for a meeting.

Hybrid Cloud

Some businesses aren’t ready to make the full transition to the cloud in one go, which is where A P Systems can help with a hybrid cloud solution. With hybrid cloud, we can get you set up with emails in the cloud and then an on premise storage facility which will have that data also mirrored off-site safely.

Why now?

The time is right to move into cloud computing. The availability of fast broadband, coupled with a better understanding of cloud technology and accessible pricing means that small and medium-sized businesses can now benefit from flexible working arrangements using software that was previously only within the grasp of larger enterprises.