Award-winning reporting tool

The most common concern for users of accounting and business software is the inability to easily extract meaningful information from their system in order to gain timely and often critical insights into the performance of their business.

Award-winning Pegasus XRL is a powerful tool which links Microsoft Excel® with Opera 3, enabling you to import your live financial data into a spreadsheet. With its flexibility, ease of use and advanced drilldown capabilities, Pegasus XRL delivers fast and accurate information to provide enhanced analytical power for better decision making.

Ease of use

Pegasus XRL appears as an additional menu item in Excel and complements and extends Excel’s familiar functionality and usability. It allows management to view and manipulate complex business reports in a familiar spreadsheet format. Any Microsoft Excel user, regardless of their broader technical awareness, can quickly learn how to use XRL Wizards to create bespoke reports and analysis, often with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The XRL Wizard will help you create reports by extracting data into Excel. Simply select the Company which you want to extract data for, identify the area of the system you are interested in (such as Sales, Stock, Costing, Payroll) and choose the fields. Plus, it’s all written in simple English so that you don’t have to work with technical jargon. Getting your company’s data into Excel will take seconds!

Reporting power

Not having to enter information on to a spreadsheet means you can spend more time producing detailed analysis using XRL’s powerful reporting tools.

With XRL you can create links between the data in Opera 3 and cells in a spreadsheet so that you can design Management Reports such as P&L and Balance Sheets in Excel to present up-to-date, accurate information based on the live data within Opera 3. Producing Management Reports with XRL is quick and easy, while further reporting power is provided by multi-dimensional analysis tools such as Cube Analysis and shortcuts to Excel Pivot Tables.


Not only can you export data into Excel, but you can also interrogate those fields and drill down to the transactions behind them. For example, a Turnover

Value for a customer can be interrogated to extract invoice numbers and then further so that you can see the stock items which make up that invoice. The real power of this would be seen if you were asked to explain a value on a spreadsheet such as “Total Debtors”: using drilldown to investigate the transactions behind the field, you would have an immediate answer and would not have to refer back to Opera 3.