Pegasus CIS

Taking control of contracts and costs

Pegasus CIS

Taking control of contracts and costs. It has been estimated that the average construction project suffers 150% cost overruns and completes more than 175% late*. Investing in the right software could help transform this into a more profitable proposition where projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Pegasus CIS has been specifically designed for the construction and allied industries to provide complete control over all aspects of contracts management, from costing and timesheets through to Payment Applications, VAT invoicing and cash receipt matching.

Fully integrated to the Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers, Cashbook and Payroll, and conforming to HMRC Construction Industry Scheme regulations, Pegasus CIS provides an unparalleled level of management control over your contracts and sub-contractors.

Simplifying administration and improving the cost controls on contracts Controlling the costs of a project can be a daunting task for many companies in the construction industry. Not only they need to track the costs of purchases, there may be sub-contractors who need to be paid under the HMRC Construction Industry Scheme regulations, as well as raising and chasing Payment Applications to clients. Has a Payment Application been Certified? How much is the Main Contractor Discount? When is the retention due for payment? How much profit did you make on that job? These are the typical questions asked, but getting the answers quickly can be a problem when running a construction project.

Effective cash management is key to making a profit in a contracting environment.

Pegasus CIS has been specifically designed to give instant access to up-to-date information that allows you to manage your contracts. Knowing what is owed and when it is due and who needs to be paid and when, are critical issues. Pegasus CIS addresses these and many others as part of its effective management of your contracts.

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